• July 9, 2020





FATE Subscribers:

It has come to our attention that subscribers are having ongoing issues with regard to the print magazine.  It is a matter that, as of this writing, is out of our control, however, it is a matter that our legal counsel is working to address.

If you are having ongoing issues with regard to the print magazine, please direct your concerns to our legal counsel, Anthony Procaccio, via email at: Legal@counterbalancegroup.com.   If you can include a brief statement, along with your contact information (ideally, address, email, and/or phone), along with any additional information, such as documentation of a cancelled check, receipt, etc., it would be helpful.  We would like to have as much information as is reasonably possible, in order to proceed to the best of our ability.

Again, please bear with us.  We are working diligently toward resolving any outstanding issues.

Thank you for your time, patience, and understanding.



President & Chief Executive Officer

Counterbalance Group Inc. / Fate Magazine LLC

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