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FATE / Counterbalance Group to take legal action over trademarks

Friends of FATE: As you are no doubt aware, over the course of several months since acquiring the FATE trademark, we have encountered a number of issues of infringement by several …

FATE facing trademark issues

FATE Subscribers: Over the course of several months, since acquiring the FATE trademark, we have encountered a number of issues of infringement by several parties, including by an outside private company. …

FATE developing streaming series

FATE Magazine is in talks to develop a streaming web series based on the long-running print magazine’s content, in concert with White Phosphorus Pictures LLC and Christopher Garetano, host and executive …

Founder of  Smoking Gun Research Agency was 37 years old.
by Nicholas Roesler, Special to FATE Magazine


Veteran paranormal researcher Jon Nowinski has died following a long illness.

The paranormal research community has lost one of its most strident advocates, as Jon Nowinski, the founder of the Smoking Gun Research Agency, passed away January 23, 2019, at Yale Medical Center.  He was 37 years old.


Nowinski spent his adult life in and around professional politics, government service, and the nonprofit arena, founding the Smoking Gun Research Agency in 1996.  SGRA investigated all manner of paranormal and unexplained phenomena, collaborating with other organizations, such as the Mutual UFO Network, an organization for which he was a featured lecturer at the 2003 MUFON International Symposium, held in Dearborn, Michigan.

Jon Nowinski, at the SGRA Research Center, Orange, Connecticut.


Nowinski double-majored in Political Science and Journalism while at the University of Maryland at College Park.  It was also during this time that he began to expand his contacts in those fields, co-founding a political organization, Vote for Freedom, in 2004, which served to bridge the gap between young voters and local and national politicians.

Mr. Nowinski maintained numerous high-level political contacts over the years, briefing U.S. Senators Charles Schumer (D-NY) and Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-NY) on various national security concerns, as well as maintaining contacts inside the early Barack Obama administration.

Mr. Nowinski spent the latter years of his life back in the nonprofit arena, founding the Connecticut Emergency Animal Response Service in 2012.  The organization provided emergency services to animal hospitals, first responders, and the like.  The organization remains active and remains the only organization of its type in the United States.

Mr. Nowinski is survived by his mother, Shirley, of Westport, Connecticut, sister Lisa Price, and nephews Joshua and Justin Smith, along with countless friends, former colleagues, and associates.


 Nicholas Roesler is a veteran paranormal researcher, author, and media personality.  He is Chief Executive Officer of Counterbalance Group, Inc., parent company of FATE.  He maintained a twenty-year personal and professional relationship with Jon Nowinski.

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