• February 2, 2023

FATE / Counterbalance Group to take legal action over trademarks

Friends of FATE: As you are no doubt aware, over the course of several months since acquiring the FATE trademark, we have encountered a number of issues of infringement by several …

FATE facing trademark issues

FATE Subscribers: Over the course of several months, since acquiring the FATE trademark, we have encountered a number of issues of infringement by several parties, including by an outside private company. …

FATE developing streaming series

FATE Magazine is in talks to develop a streaming web series based on the long-running print magazine’s content, in concert with White Phosphorus Pictures LLC and Christopher Garetano, host and executive …

Dear Subscribers and Friends of Fate:

I wanted to take the time to pen a brief note to advise you all of what has transpired and what is forthcoming for FATE.

In the Spring of 2018, I found myself transitioning from my prior career of some two decades to medical retirement.  As such, I was passionate about both keeping active in the field of paranormal and UFO research, as I would now have the time to focus on the field, as my time was now my own, although I was not physically capable of conducting boots-on-the-ground fieldwork.

That said, I began focusing my attention on ways that I could indulge my interests while growing my business at the same time.

While focused on growing my outside business interests, it became apparent that FATE Magazine was in poor shape and — frankly — the possibility existed that the magazine could cease publication, unless significant changes were made.

In short, this is where I entered the picture, intent on being a strong steward of the FATE brand, insuring that FATE is on solid ground moving forward, and can remain relevant in the present and moving forward into the future.

To that end, my corporate entity began the process of acquiring the assets of Fate Magazine, Inc. late in 2018.  We hope to have the acquisition process completed within the first quarter of 2020, and hope that you will bear with us during this transition period.

I promise you, the FATE you’ve come to know is and will still be here — Our intent is to keep what is working and simply tweak the process to improve the final product — the FATE Magazine that’s been going strong since 1948, in order to insure that we’re good and responsible stewards of the history of this magazine and this brand.

Thank you for your understanding and support moving forward.  It is greatly appreciated.







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  1. I eagerly await the next issue of Fate. Do you have an estimate of when we subscribers can expect to receive it?

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