• July 9, 2020

FATE Magazine is in talks to develop a streaming web series based on the long-running print magazine’s content, in concert with White Phosphorus Pictures LLC and Christopher Garetano, host and executive producer of Travel Channel’s STRANGE WORLD.  The program would be exclusive content, hosted by the Mutual UFO Network’s MUFON Television platform.

The planned hour-long program, tentatively titled “FATE Presents”, will feature reenactments of paranormal case reports presented in a newsmagazine format, according to FATE publisher, Nicholas Roesler.

“We’re going in with our  template being the hallmarks of this field — shows like [Leonard] Nimoy’s classic In Search Of and the original Unsolved Mysteries, and, of course, Strange World… I’m really thankful to have Chris [Garetano] and Jan [Harzan, MUFON Executive Director] as partners…”

Roesler and Garetano were not immediately available for comment, though Attorney Anthony Procaccio, general counsel for Counterbalance Group, FATE’s parent company, said that a formal release would be made available once the final details of the venture were finalized.  Further information will be online in the near future at www.fatepresents.com.


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